The Session

What will happen at the session?

Your child's Therapist will have a large selection of play materials from which they may choose. These will include art and craft materials, dressing up props, sand and water, clay, small figures and animals, musical instruments, puppets and books.

The Play Therapist will enable your child to use these resources to express him or herself without having to provide verbal explanations. Play Therapists receive extensive training in child development and attachment. They are trained to use play, a child's natural form of expression, as a means for understanding and communicating with children about their feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

How many sessions will it take?

Some children will respond to a short-term intervention of around twelve sessions. However, when problems have persisted for a long time or are complicated, it may take considerably longer, in some cases therapists have worked with children for over a year.

Sessions are usually once a week on a regular day, at the same time and place. This is very important for developing a trusting relationship, unplanned or missed sessions may disrupt the process.

Where will it take place?

Play Therapy sessions may be held in a school, a designated room or at home. Most importantly, it must be in a space that allows freedom of expression within safe boundaries and within an uninterrupted time.