About Us

Play Therapy Cornwall is managed by Lydia Farley. She is able to offer services in the areas of play therapy, clinical supervision, to the county of Cornwall.

“Throughout my teaching career I have become increasingly aware of the emotional and behavioural difficulties that inhibit not only children’s learning, but also their happiness and ability to develop and maintain rewarding relationships with peers and adults alike. Neuroscience research clearly demonstrates that children cannot function properly when they are anxious, angry and upset.

To my joy, when working with troubled children I have witness how they can grow in confidence and self esteem when they are given the opportunity, through play therapy, to explore and come to terms with difficulties and traumas they have encountered in their lives.”


“From over 450 clinical sessions with clients I have seen improvement in all the scores taken from Goodman's Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. These SDQs undertaken prior to therapy will determine the recommended number of sessions.”


Experience and Skills